English Practice 7/29





The streets of Fukuoka in western Japan came alive as the ancient Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival came to a peak today.

The annual event has been underway since the year 1241.

People say the festival began when a priest spread holy water from a float to clear out a plague.

But participants were in a fever today with the grand finale.

Seven teams carrying elaborate floats raced through a five-kilometer route.

Each float weighs nearly a ton.

The Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival marks the start of summer in Fukuoka.

Up to a million spectators turn out each year.



western  西の

come alive 活気を帯びる

as... ...なので

annual 年一回の

underway  進行中で

spread 広める、散布する

holy water 聖水

float 山車、台車

clear out 取り除く

plague 伝染病

participant 参加者

fever 熱狂

elaborate 精巧に作られた

up to... ...まで ...に及んで

turn out 盛装する(?)

each year 各年