English Practice 7/23



The Tokyo Monorail unveiled a new look today.

People landing at the Japanese capital’s Haneda Airport can now head downtown in style aboard the monorail’s sleek new cars.

Japanese pop group HKT48 was on hand to help launch the new service.

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the cars provide information in four languages.

The Tokyo Monorail was originally built to coincide with Tokyo’s first Olympics in 1964.
unveil 除幕式を行う、初公開する
landing 着陸
capital 首都
downtown 都心部
aboard〜 〜に乗って
sleek スマートな
on hand 出席する
launch 開始する
preparation 準備
provide 提供する
originally 元は、はじめは
coincide with... ...と一致する