English Practice 7/16



Japan’s sacred Mt. Fuji opened to climbers today with a powerful typhoon lashing the country.

Members of the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha shrine at the base of Mt. Fuji prayed for climbers’ safety.

Climbers set out from the southern Shizuoka side nine days after Mt. Fuji opened from the northern Yamanashi approach.

With typhoon Neoguri pounding central Japan, climbers were thin on the ground.

Only one of three routes up the peak from the Shizuoka side was open.

People who’d begun climbing at dawn could be seen returning from failed attempts to reach the roughly 3,800-meter summit.

Mt. Fuji is experiencing an increase in climbers since becoming a World Heritage Site last year.



sacred 神聖な
lashing 固く縛る
☆shrine 神社
☆pray 祈る
☆set out 出発する
☆approach 入り口
translate 翻訳する
☆thin 薄い ⇔thick 厚い
☆rout up 探し出す
sentence 文
☆attempt 試みる
☆reach 行き着く
☆roughly 無造作に、荒く
☆summit 頂上
 transfer 移動する