English Lesson 7/16

ピーキング 10分
casual conversation, speech
ボキャブラリー 20分
シャドウイング、リピテーィング 5分
リーディング、パラフレーズ 15分
ピーキング 10分




The streets of Fukuoka in western Japan came alive as the ancient Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival came to a peak today.

The annual event has been underway since the year 1241.

People say the festival began when a priest spread holy water from a float to clear out a plague.

But participants were in a fever today with the grand finale.

Seven teams carrying elaborate floats raced through a five-kilometer route.

Each float weighs nearly a ton.

The Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival marks the start of summer in Fukuoka.

Up to a million spectators turn out each year.

cramped, huddled, jammed 混んでいる(ぎゅうぎゅう詰めのイメージ)
Disneyland is always cramped/jammed/huddled.
☆irritate, annoy イラつく、ムカつく
burn 火傷
adjective 形容詞
☆until〜 〜まで
☆dense 密な
Tokyo is the most dense city in the world.
The box was dense of presents.
frigid, ☆freezing ものすごく寒い
☆spend お金を使う、時間を過ごす
☆How did it turn out? 結果どうだった?
☆It looks as if〜 〜しているように見える
 It smells as if〜 〜しているようににおう
 It hears as if〜 〜しているように聞こえる
 It feels as if〜 〜しているように感じる
☆float 浮く
It looks as if it is floating on water.
☆crave 切望(する)
☆alive 生きていて、生き生きとして
☆annual 一年ごとの
go underway 進む(実行する)
plague 疫病
☆participate 参加する
 participants 参加者
☆elaborate 精巧な
spectator 見学者
organize 開催する
☆famous, renown 有名な
☆allow〜 〜を許可する、ゆるす
People are allowed to drink alcohol at the Fuji Rock Festival.

Hundreds of residents who live around Atsugi air base near Tokyo demonstrated against a visit by the US Marines’ Osprey aircraft on Tuesday.

English Practice 7/16



Japan’s sacred Mt. Fuji opened to climbers today with a powerful typhoon lashing the country.

Members of the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha shrine at the base of Mt. Fuji prayed for climbers’ safety.

Climbers set out from the southern Shizuoka side nine days after Mt. Fuji opened from the northern Yamanashi approach.

With typhoon Neoguri pounding central Japan, climbers were thin on the ground.

Only one of three routes up the peak from the Shizuoka side was open.

People who’d begun climbing at dawn could be seen returning from failed attempts to reach the roughly 3,800-meter summit.

Mt. Fuji is experiencing an increase in climbers since becoming a World Heritage Site last year.



sacred 神聖な
lashing 固く縛る
☆shrine 神社
☆pray 祈る
☆set out 出発する
☆approach 入り口
translate 翻訳する
☆thin 薄い ⇔thick 厚い
☆rout up 探し出す
sentence 文
☆attempt 試みる
☆reach 行き着く
☆roughly 無造作に、荒く
☆summit 頂上
 transfer 移動する

English Lesson 7/6

ピーキング 20分
casual conversation
シャドウイング、リピテーィング 10分
パラフレーズ 15分
ピーキングボキャブラリー 15分
Henri Cartierの写真を選び、当てはまるボキャブラリーとその理由を話し、同義語を探す



Thomas the Tank Engine has landed in Asia.

(Thomas has the Tank Engine.This has landed in Asia)

The familiar friendly steam engine debuted today on a rail line in central Japan.

(The Japanese People meet the familier friendly steam engine today.)

A steam engine from the 40s got a Thomas makeover for what’s being billed as his first appearance in Asia.


Kindergartners were invited for the test-run.

Thomas will be making his runs on the scenic Oigawa Railway from next Saturday through mid-October.


☆How often… どれくらいの頻度で〜
☆Once a year/ once a month/ once a week
☆at a time 一度に
☆scenery 風景
☆scenic 風景の、眺めが美しい
☆influence 影響
☆psychology 心理(学)
☆land 陸、土地、上陸する、etc.
makeover 作り直し、作り替え
billed as〜 〜と宣伝される
synonym 同義語
thesaurus 同義語辞典
☆debut デビュー、デビューする
☆innocent 無邪気、純粋な
☆Despite〜, regardless~, 〜にも拘らず
strife 衝突
☆adjective 形容詞
☆coincidence 偶然(名詞)
☆fall/fell 転ぶ・転んだ
fascinating, splendid 素晴らしい
stunning (あっとするくらい)美しい


familier よく知っている

friendly 親しみのある

debut 公共の場にはじめて出現する