English Practice 7/29





The streets of Fukuoka in western Japan came alive as the ancient Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival came to a peak today.

The annual event has been underway since the year 1241.

People say the festival began when a priest spread holy water from a float to clear out a plague.

But participants were in a fever today with the grand finale.

Seven teams carrying elaborate floats raced through a five-kilometer route.

Each float weighs nearly a ton.

The Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival marks the start of summer in Fukuoka.

Up to a million spectators turn out each year.



western  西の

come alive 活気を帯びる

as... ...なので

annual 年一回の

underway  進行中で

spread 広める、散布する

holy water 聖水

float 山車、台車

clear out 取り除く

plague 伝染病

participant 参加者

fever 熱狂

elaborate 精巧に作られた

up to... ...まで ...に及んで

turn out 盛装する(?)

each year 各年

English Lesson 7/23

ピーキング 10分
ボキャブラリー 10分
シャドウイング、リピーティング 10分
リーディング、ボキャブラリー 10分
ディクテーション 5分
Harry Potter fans in Japan are checking out a big new attraction based on the bestselling series. Nearly 3000 people had waited in line, some of them since Monday.
パラフレーズ 5分
ピーキング 10分
Cartier Bressonの写真を選び、それについて話した。




Harry Potter fans in Japan are checking out a big new attraction based on the bestselling series.

The "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" opened today at Universal Studios in Osaka.

With the stroke of a magic wand, customers rushed in for a look.

Nearly 3000 people had waited in line, some of them since Monday.

The "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" has various attractions and faithfully reproduces Hogwarts Castle.

People can also get a taste of “butterbeer” at The Three Broomsticks.

Some attractions had three-hour lines immediately after the park opened.

Universal Studios spent about 450 million dollars to create the magical world.

☆grow up 育つ
experience 経験する
relative 親戚
grave お墓
☆office 事務所、会社
☆organize 運営する、開催する
eat up 食いつぶす、使い果たす、〜に夢中である
Ferrari eats up so much gasoline. フェラーリはガソリンを食い尽くす。
I hate rich women who are eaten up with pride.
☆yummy おいしい
☆to be fond of〜 〜を好ましく思う
I am very fond of Banayaya Yoshimoto. 私は吉本ばななが大好きです。
My teacher is fond of Starbucks. 私の先生はスターバックスが好きです。
stroke 一振り、まひ
rush 急ぐ
☆various 様々な
 variety 多様性
☆faithful, loyal 忠実
☆immediately, right away すぐさま
☆check out 見てみる
☆long for〜 〜を待ち望む
Harry Potter fans longed for the Universal Studios to open.
prohibit, ban 禁止する、禁止されている
Drinking is prohibited until age 20. 飲酒は二十歳まで禁止されている。
☆criticize 批評・非難する
The professor was criticized by his students. その教授は生徒から非難された。
The painting was criticized by artists. その絵画は芸術家達に非難された。
☆statement, opinion 主張、意見
era 時代
widow やもめ

English Practice 7/23



The Tokyo Monorail unveiled a new look today.

People landing at the Japanese capital’s Haneda Airport can now head downtown in style aboard the monorail’s sleek new cars.

Japanese pop group HKT48 was on hand to help launch the new service.

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the cars provide information in four languages.

The Tokyo Monorail was originally built to coincide with Tokyo’s first Olympics in 1964.
unveil 除幕式を行う、初公開する
landing 着陸
capital 首都
downtown 都心部
aboard〜 〜に乗って
sleek スマートな
on hand 出席する
launch 開始する
preparation 準備
provide 提供する
originally 元は、はじめは
coincide with... ...と一致する


English Practice (Short) 7/23

Hundreds of residents who live around Atsugi air base near Tokyo demonstrated against a visit by the US Marines’ Osprey aircraft on Tuesday.

Plentiful persons live near Atsugi air base.

Ospray aircrafts are disposed in air base.

Many locals counter a visit by US Marines' Ospray aircraft.


resident 居住者 →local 地元住民

air base 空軍基地

demonstrate デモをする

against... ...に逆らって

aircraft 航空機

prentiful 多くの

parson 人間

dispose 配置する

counter 抵抗する

ギタートレーニング1 (1日10分 運指トレーニング)

①左指をスムーズにするトレーニング (5分間 やりすぎると腱鞘炎になる)




②クロマチックトレーニング (5分間 はっきりいってつまらない)














④16分裏拍メトロノーム練習 (激ムズ)

Fake Plastic Tree

Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees - YouTube

Key=A  BPM=73〜74

Diatonic Code [ A△7 / B-7 / C#-7 / D△7 / E7 / F#-7 / G#-7(♭5) ]


Her green plastic wateringcan          [ Ⅰ   (Ⅰsus4)   Ⅵ-7 ]

for her fake chineserubberplant        [ Ⅵ-7   (Ⅵ-7/Ⅴ) ]

in the fake plastic earth.                    [ Ⅳadd9   Ⅰ   Ⅳadd9   Ⅳadd9 ]

That she bought from a rubber man [ Ⅰ   (Ⅰsus4)   Ⅵ-7 ]

in a town full of rubber plans            [ Ⅵ-7   Ⅵ-7/Ⅴ ]

to get rid of itself. it wears her out.  [ Ⅳadd9   Ⅰ   Ⅳadd9   Ⅳadd9 ]

it wears her out.                               [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ   Ⅰ ]

it wears her out.                               [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ   Ⅰ ]


She lives with a broken man.          [ Ⅰ   (Ⅰsus4)   Ⅵ-7 ]

a cracked polystyreneman              [ Ⅵ-7   (Ⅵ-7/Ⅴ) ]

who just crumbles and burns.         [ Ⅳadd9   Ⅰ   Ⅳadd9   Ⅳadd9 ]

He used to do surgery                     [ Ⅰ   (Ⅰsus4)   Ⅵ-7 ]

for girls in the eighties                     [ Ⅵ-7   (Ⅵ-7/Ⅴ) ]

but gravity always wins and            [ Ⅳadd9   Ⅰ   Ⅳadd9   Ⅳadd9 ]

it wears him out.

it wears him out.                              [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ   Ⅰ ] 

it wears him out.                              [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰsus4   Ⅰ ] 


She looks like the real thing.           [ Ⅰ   (Ⅰsus4)   Ⅵ-7 ]

She tastes like the real thing.          [ Ⅵ-7   (Ⅵ-7/Ⅴ) ]

my fake plastic love.                       [ Ⅳadd9   Ⅰ   Ⅳadd9   Ⅳadd9 ]

But I can't help the feeling.             [ Ⅰ   (Ⅰsus4)   Ⅵ-7 ]

I could blow through the ceiling.     [ Ⅵ-7   (Ⅵ-7/Ⅴ) ]

If I just turn and run.                        [ Ⅳadd9   Ⅰ   Ⅳadd9   Ⅳadd9 ]

and it wears me out.

and it wears me out.                        [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ   Ⅰ ] 

and it wears me out.                        [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ   Ⅰ ] 


If I could be who you wanted          [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11) ] 

If I could be who you wanted         [ Ⅰ   Ⅰ  ( Ⅰ7 ) ] 

all the time...                                   [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11) ] 

all the time...                                   [ Ⅰ   Ⅰ ]

                                                       [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ   Ⅰ   (Ⅴ) ] 

                                                       [ Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅱ-7(11)   Ⅰ ] 


wateringcan じょうろ

earth 土

get rid of 取り除く、処分する

wear 人 out 〜を疲れさせる

cracked ひびの入った

just ただ

crumble ぼろぼろに崩れる

used to do 昔はよく〜したものだ

surgery 外科

look like〜 〜のようにみえる

taste like〜 〜のような味がする

can't help〜 〜を避けることが出来ない

blow 立ち去る(?)

through 突き破って

ceiling  天井

If I could be〜 もし〜でいられたなら